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   Maurizio Borzone - violin & vocals

 Born in 1968, from Genova, obtained the violin degree with Maestro Renato De Barbieri and Prof. Giuliano Paganini. Attended the master class at “Mozarteum” in Salzburg and took the degree in baroque violin in Nederland with Maestro Ryo Terakado. He played in several orchetra such as the“Carlo Felice” in Genova, the “Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI” in Torino, the “Tiepolo” baroque orchestra, the “Venice Baroque Orchestra”, the “Accademia Bizantina”, the “Academia Montis Regalis” and others, with more of 800 concerts performed in Italy, United States, Great Bretain, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Nederland. He did many radio and TV recordings and more than 40 CD recordings for Deutsce Grammophone, Opus 111, Arts, Nuova Era, Arion. He won a “golden record”. Besides playing, he is even music arranger (Un piccolo amore, Alina, Sanremo 2002 - Ladro di te, Piotta, Sanremo 2004 - Bivio, Stefano Centomo, Sanremo 2007) and orchesta conductor. He is the “Buio Pesto” band violin player since 2002, and sound designer and foley artist for the record and movie company “La Flotta” (Bogliasco, GE).


   Paolo Baglini - bass & vocals

Born in 1966 in Genova, started guitar lessons at the age of 8 with Maestro Paolo Ferrari, following as self-taught. At 17, as self-taught too, begun playing electric bass with performances in several music bands. He played also with Midgard, A-Live, Drunk Again, Panamon Creel (1987-88), Crystal Jag (1991-93, 1995-96), Jus Primæ Noctis (1994), Piccola Orchestra Genovese (as guitar player in 2000).



   Davide Ageno - guitars & vocals

Born in 1968 in Bogliasco (Genova). Long-life guitarist, is one of the founders of Buio Pesto, local band which has sold almost 60.000 records and has achieved a Honorary Golden Record.
As musicians and sound engineer he worken in more than 117 records, and he has been Sound Director at the Festival of Sanremo in 1996.



   Danilo Straulino - drums

Buio Pesto band founding member, born in 1968 in Bogliasco (Genoa) all along drummer, took partin 38 CD recordings and has a past as sound engineer in studio recording. Sabrina Salerno’s drummer, played at the Festivalbar 1998 final evening. He won 3 “golden records” and was once in the music album “best selling”. From 1986 to 1993 he took part in any Massimo Morini’s discography production. He is the only one who took part at every one of the more than 400 concerts in Buio Pesto history, selling with them more than 60.000 CDs (golden record).