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  1) 10 Penny Bit

  2) The Antique Dealer

  3) Irish Rover                                  DOWNLOAD LYRICS

  4) Rock On                                      DOWNLOAD LYRICS

  5) Cunla                                          DOWNLOAD LYRICS

  6) Jump at the Sun

  7) Sing Along                                  DOWNLOAD LYRICS

  8) Lark in the Morning

  9) The Anvil

10) Bennachie                                   DOWNLOAD LYRICS

11) Clumsy Lover

12) The Great Song of Indifference   DOWNLOAD LYRICS

13) Raggle Taggle Gypsy                   DOWNLOAD LYRICS

14) Queen of Argyll                           DOWNLOAD LYRICS

15) Music for a Found Harmonium

16) Toss the Feather

17) Audio Trailer                                 DOWNLOAD MP3


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Produced by Massimo Morini for La Flotta,

Executive Producer: Maurizio Borzone for Liguria Records (Genova)

Recorded and mixed by Michele BB Badinelli at Buio Pesto Studio

Management: Ital Promotion

Tel +39 010 3471806, Fax +39 010 3749447,,


Distributed by Discolandia





10 Penny Bit